Podcast Manager

The podcast manager is responsible for managing the entire team of podcast producers, as well as helping deliver weekly content to one of the two podcasts KCPR is producing. The first podcast is about arts, music and culture around the Central Coast and the second is a diversity podcast looking to highlight different voices around Cal Poly. These shows will air on the station and be uploaded to our website. 

The manager’s responsibilities are:

  • Organizing the team of producers
  • Edit together all the segments of the show
  • Work with the programming director to coordinate when episodes with air on KCPR
  • Work alongside Jour 470 to produce content to contribute to the podcasts
  • Know how to record quality audio
  • Be sufficient in either Adobe Premiere and/or Adobe Audition
  • Know FCC guidelines
  • Be able to pitch weekly ideas for segments for the podcast
  • Know how to operate microphones, cameras, and other necessary audio equipment
  • Write scripts for the show

We are looking for team players with a drive to learn and passion for audio storytelling. Mustang Media Group members thrive on innovation while ambitiously seeking to hone their craft and improve their communities.

Whether your goal is to pursue a career in journalism, gain experience in a newsroom or learn more about podcasting, Mustang Media Group is the best place to get a comprehensive campus experience. Writing experience and audio experience is required.

Compensation: TBD