KCPR Editorial Assistant

Working alongside the Content Director, the KCPR Editorial Assistant will have several organizational responsibilities that ensure articles are edited, make deadlines, and sorted. The Editorial Assistant will be the first set of eyes on articles, editing in AP style and helping to answer any questions a reporter may have. They will attend weekly staff meetings, manager meetings, and JOUR 320 for the entire academic year. Additionally, they must maintain solid communication with the Content Director to ensure a smooth and organized team. 


  • Managing KCPR’s content Trello by uploading pitches, setting deadlines, and creating labels
  • Editing articles in AP style
  • Attending weekly MMG staff meetings and manager meetings
  • Taking minutes at meetings, if needed
  • Updating to the “Events” tab on kcpr.org
  • Assisting the Content Director in editorial decisions, such as angles and sources
  • Keeping an eye out for possible content
  • Helping to maintain diverse coverage of underrepresented groups/voices in the SLO area