Social Media Photographer

Social Media Photographers have the opportunity to photograph and share all of the amazing events that KCPR has to offer, such as Farmers Market booths, in-studio performances, and concerts at local venues.

While Social Media Photographers should have an expertise surrounding cameras, they should also have a keen eye to create unique images that best reflect KCPR’s spunky personality. Perspective is key; Social Media Photographers have the ability to tell stories through their images, serving the pivotal role of connecting with our audience. The displays created by KCPR photographers are expected to not only be used in social media posts, but to convey the difference that KCPR makes in the local music scene. 


  • Collaborate across teams to produce cutting edge content across social media platforms
  • Collaborate with Venue Relations and Content teams 
  • Document KCPR events that draw readers into our website and future events
  • Curate photography that best supports editorial stories or can act as stand alone content
  • Promotes the desired DIY image of KCPR maintaining high quality imagery. Cohesiveness in quality does not mean you have to sacrifice your personal artistic style!