KCPR Podcast Producer

KCPR is always looking for new ways to highlight campus and local culture and convey information about our community. The KCPR podcasting team is the newest to join the organization and is searching for producers to join the team.

Responsibilities include:

  • Reports to the KCPR podcasting director, KCPR content director and KCPR programming and music director to coordinate content and distribution.
  • A knack for reporting on local arts, culture and a commitment to uplifting underserved divisions of our local community.
  • Demonstrates knowledge on a podcasting style of reporting; Prior experience editing audio not required but recommended (Cal Poly Journalism Department Tech Office has podcasting equipment available for check-out.)
  • Willing to uphold standards of diversity, inclusion, and communication with members of the San Luis Obispo community.
  • Attends weekly KCPR podcast meetings, all-staff MMG meetings and upon selection, must enroll in JOUR 320 for the duration of the 2022-23 academic year