KCPR Social Media Manager

KCPR Social Media Manager will work in conjunction with the KCPR Marketing Director and MMG Social Media Manager to develop a strategy that helps increase audience metrics across the board while also consistently presenting a public brand for KCPR. Will be in charge of promoting KCPR on-air and web content via social media. Should be well-versed in social media marketing and promotions.

What You Will Do:
● Reports to the MMG General Manager and the MMG Social Media Manager and the KCPR Marketing Director
● Coordinate with KCPR section editor, News Director and Marketing Director to promote KCPR brand, content and events across social media platforms; including, but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat
● Keep up with current social media trends and strategize effective KCPR social media content.
● Manage community engagement around posts, such as retweeting, responding to messages and comments, etc.
● Oversee all content published on KCPR social channels to maintain continuity and quality of content produced.
● Produce and disseminate weekly reports containing KCPR website metrics and social media analytics.