KCPR.org Section Editor

The KCPR.org Section Editor will work in conjunction with other KCPR student leaders to develop plans for creating appropriate content for KCRP.org.

What You Will Do:
● Understand the “big picture” when it comes to KCPR content and add context to story assignments
● Work as part of the Mustang News Arts & Student Life team and coordinate with the KCPR Marketing Director and Program/Music Director.
● Attend Sunday Mustang News meetings with the content team and assign
weekly stories to each content creator.
● Stay abreast of local events
● Promote team cohesion
● Ensure KCPR.org, while adhering to KCPR’s brand and employing standard journalistic conventions in presenting content.
● Schedule and publish content on KCPR.org with approval of stories by the
Managing Editor


This is a paid position.