Programming Director

Overview: The Programming/Music Director reports to the Faculty Adviser and is responsible for all broadcast content over the terrestrial FM signal and This includes music, live events and on-air guests. The Program/Music Director is also responsible for all music, new and old, added to the station during their tenure.


  • Coordinate broadcast content in line with the goals set by KCPR’s management.
  • Attend manager meetings every Monday with the Faculty Adviser, as well as general station meetings (JOUR 320) on Tuesday and MMG management meetings (JOUR 455) every Wednesday.
  • Create and maintain the programming schedule.
  • Communicate with staff with regards to programming weekly. 
  • Approve all on-air guests.
  • Approve all on-air content.
  • Ensure all DJ scheduled shows are covered and completed, even if it requires the director to fill a spot. 
  • Collaborate with record labels, publicists, and promoters to foster relationships within the music industry.
  • Curate KCPR’s on-air sound through new and old music selection.
  • Oversee the station’s Spotify account and analytics.
  • Continually update the rotating list of new music/currents to ensure new music additions are always added and played by the DJ staff.
  • Advise programming staff on FCC and station rules and regulations; enforce the station policy rules and regulations regarding the programming of the station.
  • Generate program logs and oversee scheduling of all on-air elements.
  • Manage syndicated and auto programs.
  • Oversee and assist student broadcasters in JOUR 333 and JOUR 220, with the assistance of the News Director and KCPR Faculty Adviser.
  • Be available for communication with DJs as needed at all times. 
  • Utilize KCPR’s platform and reach to be a positive force for diversity, equity, and inclusion. This takes the form of music selection and promotion, on-air content and guests, and playlist curation.
  • Meets with the KCPR Advisor weekly.
  • Provide input on and oversee DJ onboarding program
  • Check in regularly with DJs and trainees about onboarding progress and needs
  • Submit weekly new music charting reports to the NACC Radio Chart 
  • Supervise daypart playlisting curation for Spotify
  • Coordinate with KCPR Social Media Manager about scheduling music show posts
  • Coordinate with KCPR Content Editor about obtaining recorded files for musician interviews for air
  • Ensure written copy for underwriting and promos follows FCC guidelines
  • Edit, mix and delegate underwriting and promo spots using Adobe Audition
  • Coordinates and oversees the development of on-air announcements that reflect the content on and other station works 
  • Be enrolled/attend J455 weekly

 Stipend: $350/month