Podcast Director

Overview: The KCPR Podcast Director manages all KCPR podcasts and reports to the Editor-in-Chief. All podcast producers report to the podcast director who will schedule product creation timelines and ensure approval processes. This person must work with the marketing director, social media specialist, and KCPR videographers to organize promotional material. 

Responsibilities: Organize and oversee all podcast content and plan distribution and promotional materials accordingly. 

  • Plan and coordinate all podcast content. 
  • Establish approval processes, approving all scripts, rough cuts, and final edits 
  • Understand the target audience of each podcast and ensure alignment of all content with target audiences.
  • Establish a brand for each podcast and coordinate with art team to create show art and promotional art that represents both the individual podcast and KCPR’s branding.
  • Coordinate with videographers to attend, film, and edit recording sessions.
  • Edit and produce promotional “video reels” for KCPR’s social media.
  • Attends KCPR manager meetings, and general KCPR meetings, 
  • Utilizes MMG Trello to coordinate with other team members and other managers
  • Meet quarterly with the Media Board to discuss the status of KCPR.
  • Sticks to KCPR’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion and understands the platform KCPR podcasts can provide to local organizations. 
  • Lead the interview and hiring process for new podcast team members. 
  • Manage the distribution of all KCPR podcasts on Spreaker.
  • Track analytics of podcast episodes on Spreaker. 
  • Collaborates with KCPR’s Programming and Music Director to schedule KCPR podcasts on-air. 
  • Collaborates with KCPR’s content team and other MMG sections to establish integrative podcasting channels. 
  • Incorporate advertisements into KCPR podcasts. 
  • Some understanding of how to operate WordPress, embedding podcasts on KCPR.org.
  • Ensure all audio content is uploaded to One Drive and is available for oversight.
  • Promote team cohesion.
  • Be enrolled/attend J455 weekly

Stipend: $300/month