News Director

Overview: The News Director for KCPR reports to the Editor-in-Chief and works with the Mustang News team to lead, manage and plan the production and presentation of news shows. He or she supervises the news team in regards to script writing, wrap production, field report planning, editing, etc. The News Director aids in defining and maintaining ethical, editorial, artistic and technical standards for the KCPR news program(s). He or she assists with news programming decisions and news operations, and, as the station’s top news authority, is responsible for upholding the journalistic integrity of all news reports. The News Director adheres to deadlines and makes timely and effective decisions in situations requiring immediate attention. The News Director coordinates with the Editor-in-Chief during crisis/breaking news. He or she must be detail-oriented, be able to meet deadlines under stressful conditions, and effectively handle multiple tasks simultaneously. Must possess exceptional communication and interpersonal skills. 


  • Construct the Broadcast Schedule (scheduling team members into positions each day of the week).
  • Create rundown templates before each quarter for AM and PM shows with appropriate timing, content and roles.
  • Update reporter position descriptions as new content is implemented. 
  • Brainstorm and implement new segments to encourage engagement and differentiate AM and PM shows.
  • Collaborates daily with MN editors to choose appropriate audio stories; attends Sunday news meetings; leads weekly pitch meetings; shares all story budgets on MN’s Trello. 
  • Encourage collaboration with MN print reporters and coordinate the use of audio on the station. 
  • Monitor all show rundowns for completion, accuracy, newsworthiness and run time.
  • Oversee all news talk programming that occurs outside of typical news show hours.
  • Vets all pre-recorded news material/segments that come into the station for use in news/talk shows.
  • Edits wrap scripts before the reporter records content; gives feedback on writing, delivery, pacing, etc.
  • Mastery of Adobe Audition.
  • Mastery of Studio A and Studio B operations/equipment and must be able to train others.
  • Communicate/ coordinate with Thomas Morales on any issues with the studio and special event coverage.
  • Lead and produce special event coverage including, but not limited to Primary and General Election coverage, local mayoral elections, etc.
  • Schedule news interviews. 
  • Collaborate with the professor in charge of JOUR 462 to schedule senior project student interviews.
  • Collaborate with the professor in charge of JOUR 333 to utilize class-produced material from student reporters.
  • Create materials for JOUR 320 weekly educational team workshops on critical skill-building components (Broadcast Writing, Audio Editing, Vocal Delivery, etc.).
  • Lead the interviewing/hiring process for new team members in fall, winter and spring Quarter.
  • Expand news hours to Weekdays 9-10a.m. and 6-7p.m. (need 30 people to have everyone do 2 shows a week).
  • Ensure all reporting positions are covered each day, every week.
  • Report progress/problems to the KCPR Advisor during weekly KCPR management meetings.
  • Attend JOUR 455 Management Meetings; contribute to MMG quarterly report.
  • Review past shows to engage in critique processes with news team members
  • Update the news tab on
  • Suggest improvements to news show structure or general news programming within the station.
  • Collaborate with ME on sourcing audits and ensure coverage is diverse, equitable and inclusive.
  • Monitor Soundcloud analytics and collaborate with the MN Social Media Director to promote wraps on social media.
  • Foundational understanding of WordPress and news publishing process.
  • Webify content for and (Mustang News on KCPR page): upload wraps to Anchor FM, embed wrap in the post, add other post components and publish.
  • Embed wraps into Mustang News articles when there is a collaboration.
  • Webify content for embed wrap, headline, translate the wrap into a print story.
  • Write the quarterly FCC report.
  • Lead trainings during 320 class
  • Apply to awards programs
  • Be enrolled/attend J455 weekly

Stipend: $450/month