KCPR Marketing Director

The KCPR Marketing Director will actively work to grow the audience across all platforms: over the air, streaming and social media. The KCPR Marketing Director will be given a monthly budget and expected to work with the MMG General Manager and the Faculty Adviser to develop a strategy that will reach all pockets of the desired target audience through agreed upon tactics that could include items as simple as laptop stickers to as advanced as geo-fenced social media campaigns.

What You Will Do:
● Report to the MMG General Manager and the Faculty Adviser
● Coordinate/conduct market research to inform station content and better serve the audience
● Develop and execute station marketing vision based on research and arrange necessary resources and guidance to implement the vision
● Schedule and conduct weekly marketing meetings with KCPR marketing staff and MMG PR Manager
● Set project deadlines with marketing staff.
● Approve all marketing content, including social media and on-air promotions
● Oversee Social Media Director
● Coordinate with Events and Promotion Director to secure resources for
promotion (tickets to shows, festivals, etc) and events are fully executed and
● Oversee Underwriting Representative to negotiate and secure underwriting
contracts with local businesses and promoters
● Plan pledge drive that raises funds to support a majority of KCPR’s budget
● Coordinate with KCPR Underwriting Representative on MMG ad team
● Schedule and run KCPR marketing meetings, as necessary
● Oversee operations of Spotify account
● Ensure all content and events support the brand
● Establish, evaluate and document annual and quarterly goals