Content Director

Overview: The KCPR Content Director manages all content on and reports to the Editor-in-Chief. Content writers report to the CD, who understands and coordinates all story assignments. This person must work with the News Director, KCPR Marketing Director and Music and Programming Director to plan comprehensive coverage of the most important stories in alternative and new music journalism, arts and culture.


  • Acts as primary point of contact for content
  • Leads weekly team meetings, assigning and/or clearing story pitches and deadlines
  • Edits enterprise and long-form stories, providing feedback to and training reporters 
  • Assists team members in their reporting, being readily available to answer their questions, share guidance, and help with things like sourcing
  • Schedules and uploads articles to WordPress, establishing a consistent weekly posting schedule 
  • Prepares content to be turned into socials posts on Trello 
  • Oversees the development of playlists for KCPR’s Spotify and ensures they are representing the music KCPR plays
  • Oversees the development of the “Events” tab on to highlight local events on and off campus
  • Takes the lead in planning large-scale KCPR event coverage (music & film festivals, concerts, local events), communicating with industry professionals to coordinate press passes and more
  • Works with other team managers across MMG to coordinate art/graphics, photos, social media posts, multimedia elements, and more for stories
  • Collaborates KCPR Programming and Music Director to ensure that music content correlates with KCPR’s sound
  • Works with MMG’s Digital Manager to update website layouts, tabs, and overall design, as needed
  • Alongside MMG’s EIC and art directors, the Content Director manages content for The Peak — which may include leading meetings, clearing/assigning pitches, coordinating multimedia elements, connecting with community stakeholders, and guiding reporters as needed
  • Promotes team cohesion
  • Understands the “big picture” when it comes to entertainment and music coverage at Cal Poly and adds context to story assignments
  • Stays abreast of local media stories that pertain to arts, music, and culture
  • Find unique multimedia elements to incorporate across
  • Sticks to KCPR’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion and understands the platform can provide to local organizations
  • Utilizes Trello and Slack  
  • Leads the interview and hiring process for new content team members
  • Hires Editorial Assistant and coordinates with them daily to edit content and schedule socials posts
  • Surveys audience with Reader Survey once per year
  • Attends weekly Mustang News General meetings, editor meetings, KCPR manager meetings, MMG manager meetings, and JOUR 320
  • Meet quarterly with the Media Board to discuss the status of KCPR
  • Be enrolled in/attend J455 weekly

Stipend: $350/month