KCPR Disc Jockey (DJ)


Link to the application: https://forms.gle/iz2ZVfP6YZUZ3FF16

The KCPR DJ Application for Fall 2021 opens Monday, September 20th and closes Friday, October 8th.

As a KCPR disc jockey, you join a decades-long legacy of Cal Poly campus members who have brought the best new and alternative music to the Central Coast. KCPR is a definitive cultural hub for both Cal Poly and the Central Coast community. To be a KCPR DJ is to personify Learn By Doing, as you collaborate on a staff who design unique art for a variety of occasions, host musical events for the public, and provide on-air entertainment for people worldwide. In this role, you are required to:

  • Have an in-depth understanding of new and alternative music, across musical styles and genres
  • Host one, 2-hour DJ set each week, each quarter
  • Contribute to one team outside of the Music staff at KCPR, including the Marketing, Content, Art, or Podcasting teams
  • Contribute 6 hours of work to the station each week. The requirements of this work vary widely across the needs of the station and are more clearly defined upon hiring
  • Represent KCPR 91.3 FM, Mustang Media Group, and the Cal Poly Journalism Department as exemplary members of a heralded organization on campus that truly defines Learn By Doing