Mustang News News Editor

Overview: The News Editor manages news coverage across all platforms and reports to the Managing Editor and Editor-In-Chief. The News Editor understands and coordinates all story assignments from the news desk, including all stories being reported on from within Mustang News and in classes that directly contribute content to Mustang News. This person must work with all platform managers and editors to plan comprehensive coverage of the most important stories.


  • Understand the “big picture” when it comes to news at Cal Poly and the surrounding community, and add context to story assignments.
  • Stay abreast of local media stories.
  • Assign and edit spot stories for students in JOUR 352. Work with 352 reporters when pitching enterprise stories. 
  • Work with JOUR 462 students to improve and approve pitches.
  • Attend JOUR 352 class sessions along with ME and Assistant News Editor.
  • Plan and coordinate essential coverage and training over the summer and be physically in the newsroom at least two weeks before fall term.
  • Promote team cohesion.
  • Promote collaboration with other teams to ensure comprehensive coverage.
  • Attend Mustang News print production nights, working with the Managing Editor  to read pages and make editorial decisions.
  • Work with Social team to get breaking news stories on social media.
  • Assign photographers and designers to stories, depending on the element it needs.

Compensation: $300 per month stipend