Editor in Chief

Overview: As the public face of Mustang Media Group, the Editor handles pressure with grace and leads diplomatically. This person ensures there is fresh, regularly updated content across platforms and is in charge of integrating content. The Editor is responsible for final editorial decisions across all platforms. The main focus is “digital-first” storytelling, but the Editor’s goal is to use the best platform for the given content. The Editor plans, oversees and directs training, staff meetings and events and advises the Media Board of any instances of staff members who act unethically or do not perform their job duties.


  • Serves as student manager of all MMG editorial products across all platforms, including MNTV and Mustang News on KCPR 
  • Oversee and strategize the rollout of major stories and large event coverage
  • Conduct daily budget meetings with platform and content leaders
  • Survey the college and professional media landscape to find the most successful and engaging practices
  • Implement innovative ideas and help the staff adjust to new expectations
  • Propose hiring of new staff and manage staff in consultation with the appropriate advisers and platform managers
  • Develop new staff members so they understand Mustang News standards and become better journalists throughout the year
  • Review sensitive content for final approval
  • Respond to criticism professionally and work to bridge divides between Mustang News and other campus and non-campus entities
  • Coordinate with MMG advertising and business, where appropriate
  • Supervise summer Mustang and print production
  • Work with appropriate managers and editors to develop coverage plan
  • Act as a primary point of contact for staff, platform managers and section editors
  • Plan and organize the staff-wide training held at the beginning of the academic year
  • Facilitate trainings throughout the year on best practices for reporting, writing and content production
  • Promote team cohesion by organizing and executing social events for the management team and staff
  • Lead weekly staff and management team meetings
  • Act as a liaison between the Media Board and the management team. Communicates feedback, questions, budget information, salaries, etc.
  • Facilitate discussion when necessary regarding content between MMG branches which includes MMG Business, KCPR and MN Editorial for further integration
  • Meet with MMG advisers and the General Manager to address issues in MMG in regard to content or management. Meet with the General Manager weekly
  • Work to mediate conflict within teams (i.e. reporter not attending meetings)
  • Meet quarterly with the Media Board to discuss the status of MMG

Compensation: $600 monthly stipend